Tottori: Sand Dunes & Sand Museum

October 30, 2017


Here you go! Caution: Heavy-loaded picture post… The most awaited post about Tottori. The Tottori sand dunes is my sole reason in going to Tottori. It was still raining on my second day but fortunately, it was not that raining hard that I still got to enjoy the beauty of the largest sand dunes in Japan and the most famous tourist attraction in Tottori. The sand dunes spans roughly 16 kilometers along the coast of the Sea of Japan. It is two kilometers wide and almost 50 meters high. There are attractions here such as camel riding, paragliding and sand boarding offered by local companies. You can also view the sand dunes in the observation deck of the Sakyu center which is connected by a chair lift. For now, Tottori sand dunes was accomplished. For the next time, how about Sahara desert na? LOL…


From Tottori station, take the bus going to Tottori Sakyu and get off at the last stop for 370JPY.


A short walk away from the Tottori sand dunes is the the Tottori sand museum. This one displays large sand sculptures made by the sand sculptors around the world. These sculptors gather before the exhibition time which is during mid-April until early-January the next year. Annually, the theme changes. For this year’s exhibition, they will show about the United States of America. 

Opening Hours:

mid-April to early-January the next year from 9:00 to 18:00 (until 20:00 during weekends)

Admission Fees:

600JPY but I got mine in the tourist desk inside the Tottori station for 500JPY.

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