To Do’s During Winter in Japan

January 31, 2017

Winter may be a favorite of many but also disappointment to some. Early nights means less time outside. Some wants to visit a certain place because of its winter season and I guess Japan is one of those many places. But one must not overlook the winter in Japan. It may not be as cold as countries close to Arctic regions but it bites. I swear. So before snow piles us up here in the blog, I will share to you 10 things you must do when in Japan during its coldest months.

1. Visit a ski park. During winter, this is a famous place for out goers to do. May it be with family, colleagues, friends, and even couples. Famous ski parks may be at the Hokkaido area but you can find also popular ones in Gifu area and even in Tokyo area.

2. Try an outdoor bath (dotenburo). How about book a night or two in a ryokan and experience its outside baths. Yes, it seems cold, but once you’re soak in the warm water, “the cold will never bother you anyway“. Plus, if the surroundings are covered with snow, it’s a plus.

3. Visit Shirakawa-go. This is located in Gifu area where you can see the historic villages of traditional houses covered in snow and will be illuminated during the night. This place is popular for photographers, by the way.

4. Experience illumination parks. During winter, ski parks are not the only famous destinations in Japan but also those parks which illuminates during the night. One of these are Nabana no Sato in Kuwana, Mie. There are also illumination shows even in small parks and outside of train stations.

5. Food trip. This is the best time to pig out! From crabs to sukiyaki and even those ordinary dishes, I can’t explain why winter dishes are so appetizing.

6. Mt. Fuji. Climbing Mt. Fuji during winter is prohibited but this will not hinder you to see its majestic beauty. See it near or far with its white caps due to snow if weather permits.

7. Drink coffee. Well, I guess anytime of the year, you can drink coffee but is it more realistic to drink coffee in Starbucks on this cold days. One hotto cafe macchiato, please?

8. Cool OOTDs. For fashionistas, this may be the great time for “outfit of the day” to share on their social medias. This is the time for those coats, outerwear, layering skills, boots and with all those winter clothing. Just remember, dress what’s the weather.

9. Heat-techs are love. Japan may not be cold as Canada, but as for me, everyone needs a heat tech under those layer of clothes. Despite those layers, the cold will find a way through those clothes and these clothing with these technology will at least help you to survive. Promise!

10. Snow. Last but not the least, how can we forget experiencing snowfall. It can’t be winter without snow though there are some places experiencing winter without snow like Hongkong. Though its not falling everyday, at least to watch it once during a winter is fulfilling.

So, are you ready to conquer Japan’s winter or is Japan ready for you?

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