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Things to Remember While in Cambodia

December 8, 2016

Being a female solo traveler almost all the time (this time, in Cambodia, I have a friend of mine), there are always things I remember in traveling a certain place. Enough research on the do’s and don’ts will make your travel a fun and memorable one. So here are 5 simple things I would like to share to you to remember when you decide to visit this amazing country.

1. Always buy and drink water in a sealed bottle. Everyone whose been to Cambodia always said this. “DO not drink tap water in Cambodia” or you will ruin your beautiful trip in here. So to prevent yourself getting into an unknown hospital here, you should buy sealed bottled water anywhere you go. And always remember, Cambodia is a tropical country, so hydrate yourself always. Dehydration will not only ruin your trip but it makes you look ugly in those “seems to be” beautiful photos.

2. Better have a reserved tuk-tuk waiting for you in the arrival area of the airport. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports are far from the center so a “just pick-up” taxi might be expensive than you think. To prevent this high-cost expense, better contact your hotel to pickup you in the airport or find a hotel that offers a complimentary pickup in the airport. This will save you a lot of money plus no haggling needed. Just look for your name in one of those many banners waving outside the arrival area, and voila! enjoy the ride to your hotel.

3. Night markets are good here. Better visit these when you’re in Cambodia. Cambodian food is not only delicious and good but they are inexpensive. Just be sure to buy in a stall with fresh goods and they will cook in front of you. Bon appetit!
4. Drown yourself from cheap beers. If this is your first time here, You will definitely be shocked of how the beers are serve in large beer mugs for a cheap price of less than a USD. Since the beers in the country where we came from are not that cheap, compared here, we’re just amazed of how the beers are sold inexpensive in Cambodia. Beer drinkers, rejoice!

5. Temple hop. Who will go to Cambodia if one of their reasons is not to temple hop on those famous Angkor Wat and those temples seen in Angelina Jolie’s Tom Raider movie? I guess, everyone who will step on this country will definitely visit those famous temples. Better have a reserved tuk-tuk who will bring and drive for you in those temples for 15USD (in our case).

That’s it! If you’re a first timer, better remember these things and if you’ve been there, mind sharing your simple things to remember while in this impressive country. See you in my next adventures!

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