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Things To Bring in USJ During Summer

September 5, 2017

It’s been 2 weeks when I went to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) for the 3rd time. This time, it was during a hot, humid summer in Osaka. Winter, spring, summer, or fall season, without necessary things, you can’t enjoy USJ to the fullest. So here’s my own list of the things one should bring inside the Universal Studios premises during a hot, humid summer.

  1. Towel. One or two pieces will be enough for a day, I guess. Walking from point A to point B of this huge park and for that long queues, sweat is your enemy. Having enough towels will make you go through the day.
  2. Bottled water. Buy one mineral bottled water along the food trucks or in vending machines scattered in the park. Don’t throw the bottle and just refill it in the fountains also scattered in the park. This will save you money while being hydrated. By the way, for the conscious individual, if refilling plastic bottles is not your thing, you can also bring your own water container and just refill it in the fountains and you’re good to go.
  3. Camera/GoPro. How can anyone forget this in this generation? Anything, from smartphones to digital cameras to DSLRs to GoPros, bring what you want because a captured memory is now a thing, right?
  4. Extra clothing. If wiping your sweat with a towel is not enough for you, you might want to change. Don’t worry, clean and good comfort rooms are everywhere where you can change your clothes. For fashion bloggers, how about two or three OOTDs in a day inside USJ.
  5. Reliable bag/shoes. Visiting USJ or any other amusement parks, this means no mode of transportation and you can only rely to your feet. Not having reliable shoes might ruin your mood so better wear good and trusted sneaks. For your personal belongings, I recommend to have a spacious and trusted backpack, so everything will be there. No more carry-ons dangling in your hand. Free your hand for photo ops and for eating while enjoying.
  6. Cap/Hat/Sunglasses. How about protecting yourself for possible headache and eye problems because of the heat? This is for sure, you will really not enjoy if you have those dilemmas. I am thankful though I didn’t experienced it during my visit since I forgot those things.
  7. PA++ SPF() lotion. These days, in order to protect your skin while enjoying, don’t forget to bring and apply sunblock lotion of your choice. They say, the more plus(+), the better. Don’t forget the face, neck arms and legs. You’ll be thankful later,
  8. Foods. Please remember that the park don’t allow outside foods because there are so many choices to choose from inside the premises but of course a little bit higher in terms of price. Just put your foods at the bottom part of your bag and pray not to be checked. Because of the long queues of the park, I guess they don’t have the time to inspect though. It’s your choice though.

There you have it! I hope this help you for your future travel in the Universal Studios Japan. If you want to add some, in case I forgot, you may write it in the comment box below and will include it in the list.

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