Post Christmas Holiday in Palawan

April 17, 2017

This might be an overdue post because of being MIA lately, but decided to post the remaining posts of last year. Sorry for that. New year resolutions don’t really work out for me. At least a few. So here you go.

This is my post Christmas 2016 trip with my mother. We departed after celebrating the 1st year death anniversary of my father. Mother needs a trip therapy and this trip served as my Christmas gift for her. I also benefit from it. I got to visit once and for all, the Philippine’s last frontier, Palawan. We’re there for 3day 2 nights. We went to El Nido a night and a day then went back to Puerto Princesa the night of the second day. We arrived early evening in El Nido and just went outside for our dinner and some souvenir shopping and got ready for the long day ahead of us tomorrow. Due to departure and arrival time constraints, we departed Davao and Puerto Princesa through AirAsia and Cebu Pacific, respectively.

I would like to write about our accommodation but forgive my bad memory, because I forgot the hostel’s name. I also forgot even the name of our hostel in Puerto Princesa. Sorry again for that. I just remembered that El Nido has no electricity in the evening until early morning. Our hostel serves breakfast also. It was a good breakfast, by the way. Since we had a limited time in El Nido, we can only do one tour out of the 4 tours available. Each tour will consumed almost a day, so I guess if you will visit El Nido, allot 3-4 days, maybe. We did Tour A for 1,200PHP per person, by the way. Tour A compose of lagoons and beaches in El Nido (Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Small&Big Lagoon and the 7 Commando Beach).

Secret Lagoon is located in a small island surrounded with limestone cliffs. When you enter a small hole, you will be welcomed by a lagoon in the center and a massive caldera that was once a cave which collapsed and then now surrounded with limestone cliffs.

Small Lagoon is a place where you get to board on a kayak and enter a small hole and you will be welcomed by a tranquil turquoise-green water.

Shimizu Island is where almost every Tour A will have their lunch. It is an island where you can snorkel nearby coral reefs. It is also an island with stunning limestone cliffs for your eyes to feast.

Big Lagoon is again just like the Small Lagoon, but a bigger one, hence, the name. You can reach the lagoon through a kayak or an outrigger boat. This crystal clear water is a breeding place for fishes and crustaceans. (I wasn’t able to enter the lagoon since the mother will not go anymore through kayak since our boat is big for it to enter. We just enjoy the surroundings while swimming around while waiting for the others who decided to kayak through the lagoon.)

Seven Commando Beach is a long white sandy beach lined with palm trees. It is the last destination in almost all Tour A’s. It is named after the 7 remaining Japanese commandos who lived in the islland after WW2.
After the tour, we proceed directly to our hostel to wash up and get ready for our departure to Puerto Princesa that night. Arrived almost midnight and get ready for our last day’s itinerary. We are scheduled to visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Underground River before heading to the airport but because of the last few days typhoon, unfortunately, it was closed that day. What an unfortunate day for us, right? But I guess there’s always a reason for everything. For this, a reason to come back right? Because of this, we decided to try the Puerto Princesa Irawan Eco Park.
 Puerto Princesa Irawan Eco Park is place inside a jungle for an eco-adventure tour for all nature and adventure lovers. This is where my mother was able to try zipline, skywalk and the tarzan swing which she, herself can’t believed she did it. For me, it was great, though I was able to do it many times, I can still feel the excitement brought by these activities.
The trip might be short but worthwhile especially when you’re with someone dear to you. Hoping for another trip with the mother soon and hoping for more members soon. “The more, the merrier.” as what the saying goes. And for Palawan, see you soon! I will be back, for sure. There’s a reason to come back for your beauty.

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