Ise-Shima: View of Ago Bay & Shima Mediterranean Village

November 15, 2017

Shima Mediterranean Village

Shima Mediterranean Village is a Mediterranean-themed resort complex that offers accommodation, restaurants, cafes and shops. You can also just visit the place for a day tour for 500JPY which we did. The place is inspired by the streets of Spanish regions of Castile and Andalusia. It’s like I’ve been transported to Spain for a few hours. For more information and reservation, visit HERE. If you have a reservation, you can use their free shuttle bus from Ugata station. if you don’t have, you may ride a taxi for 2,000JPY or more to access the location.

Yokoyama Observatory Deck

Yokoyama Observatory Deck is where you can see the panoramic view of the approximately 64 islands that composes the Ago bay. You can also see numerous pearl boats around the bay which is absolutely incredible sight. The time we went was a cloudy with hints of rainfall so the beauty of Ago bay was not seen but nonetheless, it is beautiful. Hoping to see it some time during a good weather. Because of some renovations, any vehicle can’t access the deck’s parking. From below, you can reach the top by walking during ascend and descend until the construction finishes. The place is free of charge, by the way.


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