Ise-Shima: Ama Hut Experience

November 21, 2017

When in Ise-Shima, all you can think of is beautiful scenery and of course SEAFOODS! (And now I am drooling with that Ise ebi! Oh! I soooo love seafood!) So before going home, we didn’t let pass the opportunity of experiencing the Ama hut experience in Toba city. There are many Ama hut experiences in Ise-Shima, but we chose the Hachiman Kamado. Ama which means ‘woman divers’, they are pearl divers around Ise-Shima. This profession is pass through generations that until now these woman divers still exist.

Ama hut experience is where you can eat and divulge grilled seafood prepared in front of you by those Ama divers. They will provide you talks about their everyday living and style and you are free to ask questions and communicate with them. After serving your broiled/grilled seafood, they will start dancing a folklore dance. You can also join them. You can also try their traditional Ama costume for a fee. This is one of the ‘things you should do‘ when in Ise-Shima. It might be pricey depends on your reserved menu, but worth the money. Your tummy will thank you later and your soul for that cultural lesson from those women.

Reservation is a must in Hachiman Kamado Ama Hut experience. You can choose in their Standard, Deluxe Seafood, or Luxury Seafood set and is experience for an hour and 15 minutes. They also have a tea time set if you come during snacks time. Their AMA shuttle bus will fetch you in Toba station.

Standard set (2-3 people) 5,400JPY*; (4 people or more) 3,780JPY*
Deluxe Seafood set (2-3 people) 7,560JPY*; (4 people or more) 6,480JPY*
Luxury Seafood set (2-3 people) 9,720JPY*; (4 people or more) 8,640JPY*
Tea time set (2-3 people) 3,240JPY*; (4 people or more) 2,160JPY*

Don’t forget to share your experiences in social media and let the whole world know the existence of this one-of-a-kind experience for travelers who want to experience Japan. For more information and reservation You may call Hachiman Kamado (0599-33-1023) or the reservation center (0599-33-1022). You may also visit their website HERE. You may also comment your questions and will try to answer your inquiries based on my experience.

* Prices as of October 2017. Prices may change without prior notice.

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