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A 2-Day Summer Itinerary in USJ

September 17, 2017

I might be frugal when it comes to traveling or I guess, in almost every way, but I don’t hinder myself to experience a little bit of luxury when I have the chance. I am into “free itinerary” almost always every travel, but I also enjoy “itineraries made to be followed” for comfort and less hassle. Just pay and good to go. Just like my recent trip in Universal Studios Japan (USJ) with the siblings, it was a 2-day trip arranged in a travel agency c/o JTB. The package worth 60,750JPY includes an overnight stay in one of the affiliated hotels in USJ, Nagoya–>Shin-Osaka-Nagoya shinkansen ticket, 2-day USJ pass, Express Pass 7, an early park entrance pass in the second day and with a lot of freebies that only who purchased the package can get.

I would like to share what we did, what rides we rode during our 2-day trip in Universal Studios Japan (USJ)You should have a 2-day pass and an Express Pass7 if you would like to do the same. By the way, Express Pass is only valid on the day purchased and you must follow the time you should ride an attraction stamped in your pass, otherwise, it will be invalid. We almost rode all of the ride attractions on the first day using the Express Pass and second day will be more on waiting on lines in ride attractions and meet&greet with USJ characters in between.

1st Day (AM)

  • Early Check-in
  • Backdraft
  • Amazing Adventures of Spiderman 4K3D*
  • Hollywood Dream*
  • Terminator 3D*

1st Day (PM)

  • The Flying Dinosaur*
  • Dinosaur Wonder Experience
  • Minion Hacha-Mecha Time
  • Despicable Me Minion Mayhem*
  • Minions Hacha-Mecha Greeting
  • Minion Super Greeting
  • Jaws The Ride
  • Wizarding World of Harry Potter*

2nd Day (AM)

  • Early Check-out
  • Early Park Entrance (15minutes before park opening)
  • Space Fantasy
  • Dragon Ball 3D**
  • Dragon Quest**

2nd Day (PM)

  • Yokai Taiso: The Real
  • Sesam Street Ultimate Dance
  • Waterworld
  • Universal Monsters Live Rock And Roll Show
  • USJ Water Surprise Parade**
  • Osaka sidetrip (Dotonbori)

* Ride/Attraction/Show included in the Express Pass7 (The Flying Dinosaur)

** Ride/Attraction/Show was only available until August 31, 2017

For more information about these ride and attractions, you may visit the USJ website HERE.



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