24 Hours in Bandar Seri Begawan

December 25, 2017

Brunei Darussalam, one of the world’s least visited country in Asia. But despite of this, this country is very rich because of their natural resources. This Muslim country shouts richness because of those gold-covered mosques. I guess, they don’t need tourists on order to be a successful country. The country is popular for its proboscis monkeys or long-nosed monkeys (I’ve seen many of them.). This is one of SEAsian countries, so as a Philippine passport holder, this should be on the list, I guess. I spent a day in the capital and got to visit the 3 places below I want to see in the country.

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

This mosque was built in memory of the late 28th Sultan(father of the current Sultan). It is in the middle of an artificial lagoon that serves a reflecting pool. Again, the domes are covered in gold. Around this mosque is a man-made park for locals and foreigners to enjoy day or night. Free of charge and is open Sunday-Wednesday (8:00-17:30).

Kampong Ayer

This is the “Venice of East” as what they called. This a stilt village built above the waters of Brunei river. The village has its own school, police station, fire station and a mosque. Transportation here is through water taxis for 1BND. But a tour can cost you 10BND-20BND, depending on how you bargain with the taxi driver and until where and what you want to go and see, respectively. I got my tour in 15BND and I got to see around the village, down to the proboscis monkeys and the crocodiles and went to see the firefly watching then gave a tip of 5BND. So how’s that? Ang bait ko noh? May pa tip-tip pa. LOL.

Jame’asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque

This is Brunei’s largest mosque located in Gadong, 3km from the city center. This was built to commemorate the Sultan’s 25th year of reign. The mosque’s dome are covered in gold. In entering the mosque, your shoes will be taken off, things will be stored in the lockers provided, you will be dress in black abaya and you will be guided around the mosque. Also, you will get to see the prayer room that is open for Muslims during praying. Almost everything shouts gold. That’s how rich Brunei is. By the way, photography is not allowed inside the mosque. It is free of charge and opens during Sunday-Wednesday and Saturday (8:00-12:00, 14:00-15:00, 17:00-18:00).

Before I forgot, I stay in LeGallery Suites Hotel. I booked a standard room but because of overbooking, I was upgraded in a suite room. How’s that? How I wish everytime I travel, I am upgraded in a suite room. That would be called luxury in budget. LOL. I’ve got a complimentary pick-up and an airport drop-off for a fee.

And that ends my 2017 travels and this might be my last post for 2017. See you around in 2018 and cheers for a great 2018 ahead everyone! what do you want to see in Jenponix during the 2018??? How about let’s try vlogging??? What’cha think or maybe I can’t do it? LOL.

Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! 良いお年を!

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