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10 Best Attractions in USJ ala Jenponix

September 10, 2017

When we go to a certain place, we have these things we liked or loved the most, we don’t want to get bias but we can’t help it, right? So for my recent trip in Universal Studios Japan, I would like to share to you my best 10 attractions in USJ. Not in order of favoritism though. Having an Express Pass will definitely help you to ride almost all the best rides in the park. There are Express Pass 7, 4, 3 with respective additional surcharge to your day pass, by the way. We got the Express Pass 7.

  1. The Flying Dinosaur (Express Pass)This dinosaur-shape rollercoaster will pull you high into the sky and swing you 360 degrees through the world of Jurassic Park. This is like the Acrobat ride in Nagashima Spaland in my post HERE. Open your eyes and shout as loud as you can!
  2. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Express Pass)This is where you can find Hogsmeade, Hogswart castle, ride attraction like the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and the Flight of the Hippogriff. Anything a Harry Potter fan will enjoy here for sure. Be sure to bring home a complete wizard/witch set (coat and wand) and also, don’t forget the BUTTERBEER!
  3. Space Fantasy Fly away from earth through this indoor rollercoaster and save the sun. Enjoy the ride through the stars, planets of the universe. Just please look forward at the end of the ride. It’s a beauty!
  4. Waterworld Waterworld is somewhat kind of a stage show where tremendous stunts can be seen just like in the movies. Splashing of water is present so be sure to sit away from the “wet zone” if you don’t like to be splashed with water.
  5. Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (Express Pass)It is a 4K3D ride attraction where the imaginary confuses the reality. You gotta try this first in the world to win the best ride award in 7 consecutive years now and be amazed.
  6. Hollywood Dream/Backdrop (Express Pass) Hollywood Dream is a rollercoaster where you can choose and hear music as your background during the whole ride. For the Backdrop, it is a backward rollercoaster where the thrill is unpredictable.
  7. Despicable Me Minion Mayhem (Express Pass) This is a massive dome screen where it projects the whirling world of our favorite Minions! If you have been to USJ a year or two years ago, this space for the Minion Park now is the Back To The Future ride before. It’s one of the latest attractions in the park.
  8. Minions Super Greeting If you want to meet these cute characters, better go to the entrance during three in the afternoon and wait for the parade of these popular minions and have a picture with all of them. Just be careful of the crowd.
  9. Dragon Quest. This is another one of the latest attractions in USJ though it was only in a limited time (until September 3, 2017). It is depicted in a Japanese mobile game. In the attraction, you will be given a chance to be a real hero. You can choose what vocation you want, grab your weapon and you walk-through a real battle attraction.
  10. Universal Studios Parade. This is the most-awaited parade during the afternoon everyday. This is like the character parade in Disneyland. Almost the same concept. Better be in front in order to have a best view of the characters and people joining the parade. Maybe, you will have a chance to be greeted, based in experience.  

Have you been to USJ? What’s your favorite among them all? If you haven’t been to, what will be your first attraction to line up? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you.

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